ICIT 2021

The Dawn of a New Horizon, Restrategising Post COVID 19

Message from the Conference Chair

Dr. Alex Ng Hou Hong PMC

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We begin to address this conference in solemnity. This is a period of grief and sorrow where many lost their lives, others their livelihood and many left facing an uncertain future. The world is facing an unprecedented health crisis and the common label ‘COVID-19’ sends chills and fear to both individuals, business organisations and governments, both national and supranational level. Businesses and individuals suffered from the onslaughts of repeated lockdowns, movement controls and many are still struggling to rationally comprehend the new norms of life. Individuals are both physically and psychologically tormented and corporations left fending themselves against the ostensibly seamless and unstoppable crisis.

However, humankind is extremely resilient. We have experienced prior calamities of equal if not of more severe magnitude, but we have always triumphed in devising creative solutions to mitigate and mollify social woes. Nevertheless, it is in such calamities that humankind becomes kindred, united and conjoined to encounter a crisis as ‘one nation’ irrespective of race, religion and other differences that divide.

The ICIT 2021 is carefully positioned with this current calamity in mind. Many conferences come and go. However, this conference recognises the significant challenges faced by individuals, business organisations and governments alike and is therefore poised to provide a platform for participants to share, discuss and debate ideas on the possibilities of strategising post COVID – 19 as well providing as a strategic forum for participants to ventilate their despairs.

With this purpose in mind, on behalf of the 4th International Conference on Innovation and Technopreneurship (ICIT 2021) organising committee, I am delighted to welcome all the delegates to the conference hosted by INTI International University, Malaysia. Bearing the theme “The Dawn of a New Horizon, Restrategising Post COVID-19”, this conference provides an appropriate platform for both academia and industry practitioners to share, discuss and perhaps debate on those strategies short term or otherwise to mitigate the challenges and harness the opportunities presented. In line with its theme, the Conference encompasses areas of digital business, social impact and talent development among others paying particular attention to the impact of the current health crisis.

We are indeed honoured to receive immense support from our collaborative network of both local and international researchers and participants. We are also indebted to the Centres of Excellence and every Research Clusters of INTI International University. We also take this opportunity to thank all the plenary keynote speakers and track keynote speakers and all the participants that have made this event memorable and an impressive one.

I trust you will be inspired and your spirit lifted through this Conference. Our goal is not only encapsulated in knowledge sharing but to present a ‘soulful’ conference where participants can exchange thoughts, spark new ideas and collective drawing strength from each other to ride through the current storm.

Finally, on behalf of all the members of the Conference Organising Committee, I extend our deepest thanks to all those who have contributed to making our 4th annual conference a rousing success. We wish all participants fruitful discussions and success for the conference and we hope you enjoy and benefit from your time with us.

Dr. Alex Ng Hou Hong PMC, Conference Chair