ICIT 2021

The Dawn of a New Horizon, Restrategising Post COVID 19


Day 1, 11 November 2021, Thursday: The Disruptions in Modern Business and the Opportunities for Innovation and Technopreneurship


Business environment is becoming increasingly polarised. Heightened expectations from stakeholders have tensed corporations. More than ever, corporations encounter disruptions, of which many unforeseeable. The Covid-19 is a blatant example of such disruption that have fundamental invoked firms to deploy new strategies to survive and continuously thrive in their sector. While IR4.0 has been mostly a mouthpiece to many emerging and even seasoned corporations, Covid-19 has accelerated innovation, technological assimilation and the breakthrough of technopreneurship among business corporations. This keynote address presents a critical insight and review on the technologies and opportunities that dawned post Covid-19 and how businesses are harnessing those rewarding outcomes. This keynote also aims to encourage and motivate businesspersons to momentously leapfrog their business model by yoking this competitive advantage.

Day 2, 12 November 2021, Friday: COVID-19, A Rejuvenation of Ethics in Business, Reinstating the Rightful


Covid -19 has churned a plethora of academic and managerial discussions with much ink spilled on business re-strategy. However, Covid-19 presents a business punctuation that triggered a deeper concern on humanity. Taking the line of business ethics and morality, one pondering question relates to the rethinking of business ethics post Covid-19. While this pandemic spawned many business re-strategy, an emerging concern pertains to the necessity for corporations to revisit their business approach and their ethical underpinnings. This pandemic has seemingly humbled many corporations and governments alike. It exposed the best and worst of human kind. This keynote addresses this philosophical issue of reinstating rightful business ethics post Covid-19. It invites participants to rethink and probably debate the inevitability to reinstate the already thinning business morality. This keynote seeks to provoke meaningful and soulful discussions to constructively reinstate business ethics, which is rightfully ours from the paradigms of business, law and philosophy.