ICIT 2021

The Dawn of a New Horizon, Restrategising Post COVID 19


ICIT 2021 is organised at the height of the Covid – 19 Pandemic. Notwithstanding those enormous setbacks that many are currently facing, ICIT 2021 dawns a new hope and light at the end of a seemingly endless tunnel of misfortunes. ICIT 2021 is poised to enflame courage, faith, motivation and strength among the participants. ICIT 2021 aims to bring together those innovators, technologists, practitioners and researches who understand the urgency to restrategise post Covid-19.

It must be reckoned that the world is rapidly changing and the pandemic has somewhat accelerated the pace of change. ICIT 2021 purports to provide a strategic forum and useful platform for researchers, businessmen and the community alike to discuss this certainty of change in one accord and unison. This pandemic has crytalised the urgency of organisational and even social change, which was previously a mere label. While we cannot resist change, there is always a need to collectively study and harness this force of change. Those that are oblivious to change might struggle and those that realign and reconnect to change might survive and triumph.

This ICIT 2021 is designed with this specific theme in mind “The Dawn of a New Horizon, Restrategising Post Covid-19”, a very precise label that describes the current need to reconnect to dynamic disruptions and turbulences. Whether it be the individual, industry or the community, only those that adapt and change could harness the opportunities of disruptions. More importantly, the ICIT 2021 transpires beyond rhetoric and it ultimately serves a useful platform for all to deduce strength from one another and collectively find ways to ride through difficult times. This ICIT2021 will be extremely successful if participants find refuge, strength and encouragement attending the same.

However, the only drawback is that this Conference is virtual and we therefore could not meet physically to build that bond. Abiding to the respective national health advisory and standing operation procedures (SOP) and our ongoing efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of our community, the Conference will now be a virtual event.